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State Department pushing chemical and other key industry

After issuing Premier Li Keqiang, recently issued "Guidance on promoting international cooperation in capacity and equipment manufacturing" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinion") of the State Council. "Opinions" put forward the guiding ideology and basic principles of promoting international co-production and equipment manufacturing, the objectives, tasks, policies and measures, is the current and future periods to promote international capacity and important guidance documents and equipment manufacturing cooperation.

Accelerate the adjustment of industrial structure in the world, China's economic development has entered a new normal background, promoting international cooperation in capacity and equipment manufacturing, is currently benefit, long-term benefits, too, an important measure in favor of the advantages of international cooperation capacity, enhance their core competitiveness; help promote economic restructuring and industrial upgrading, promote China's rapid growth and towards high-end level of the economy; help promote a new round of high-level opening, enhance the international competitive advantage; conducive to the deepening of China and the relevant countries The mutually beneficial cooperation and promote local economic and social development.

"Opinions", adhere to the "business-led, government promotion, focused, orderly way, pragmatic, mutual benefit, actively and steadily, prevention and control of risk," the basic principles, will be a high degree of fit with my equipment and capacity, desire for cooperation strong, good conditions for cooperation and infrastructure in developing countries as a key country, and actively explore the markets of developed countries, in order to point, and gradually expand. The iron and steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, railway, power, chemical, textile, automotive, communications, engineering machinery, aerospace, shipbuilding and marine engineering industries as the focus, classification implemented in an orderly way. Strengthen co-ordination, focusing on institutional innovation, openness and cooperation development, improve the service system, and vigorously promote the international production and equipment manufacturing cooperation, effectively promote domestic economic development, industrial transformation and upgrading, expansion of industrial development of new space and create new economic growth momentum, and create a new situation of opening up.

"Opinions" require, to give full play the main role in the enterprise market, adhere to market-oriented, in accordance with commercial principles and international practice, and actively carry out international cooperation in capacity and equipment manufacturing. In the continuing role of traditional contracting advantages, give full play to our capital, technology advantages, and actively carry out the "project financing contract +", "+ contracting + financing operation" and other cooperation, the project encourages the use of conditional build - operate - transfer ( BOT), the government and the social capital of cooperation (PPP) and other means. To strengthen the project feasibility studies and feasibility studies, focusing on economics and sustainability. Standardize enterprise behavior of foreign operations, focusing on resource conservation and environmental protection, social responsibility for local economic and social development to make positive contribution.

"Opinions" stressed the need to strengthen the overall guidance and coordination, and improve international cooperation mechanisms, reform the management system of foreign cooperation, good diplomatic services, the establishment of an integrated information service platform to actively play a role in local government. Improve the financial and tax policies, increase financial support, to play an active role in RMB internationalization, expanding financing sources of funding to strengthen and improve the export credit insurance, strengthen security and risk control services for enterprises "going out" to provide support and services.

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